The Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland released a new public statement on thursday 8.4.21 about the new covid restrictions for Kymenlaakso area. Unfortunately all gyms and wellness clubs have to close their doors for two weeks from sat 10.4.21 until fri 23.4.21. 

Good news is that we have some backup options for working out during this 2 week period.

Please read this letter carefully, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if anything seems unclear. 

All the basic guidelines still apply, such as washing/sanitizing your hands and wearing a facial mask in public areas. 

Book a slot at gym for a private workout session for you / your family

During the 2 week closing time, you can reserve a slot at the gym for your own workout sessions. Huuma members that live in the same household can train together privately.

The women’s dressing room will be closed, and all members who reserve a slot will be using the men’s dressing room. Also the shower’s and sauna will not be in use!

  • 1 person books a slot at the gym. → If other family members/living mates are coming along, you need to notify the members names at All of the people above 12 yo coming have to have an active membership.
  • You can reserve max. 2 slots (1 hour/day) per week
  • Reserving the training slots can be done in our group exercise booking site. If you do not have an account for our site (for example, you have been training with a gym only membership), please contact us asap at

Remote group exercise classes

We still offer remote options for the group exercise classes, where you can attend the group exercise classes safely from the comfort of your home. 

  • You can reserve a place in the remote livestream classes with your reservation account in the same booking site as the gym slots. If you do not have an account or don’t know how to use it, you can contact us at
  • Please remember to make your reservation a day in advance.
  • We will send a link to the class with email a couple of hours before the class.

Les Mills On Demand -service

Les Mills offers our members an On Demand -streaming service for remote Les Mills classes for the entire of April. (These classes are pre recorded, and in english.) The service has over 100 Les Mills workouts, and a mindfulness section. Ask for the link:

The link is active until 30.4.21, and does not require you to sign up.

Huuma Outdoor & Outdoor Gym

We will have an outdoor training area for active members in our parking lot, behind our building. You can ask for a key to the training equipment storage from our customer service. We will also have some instructed group training sessions in the outdoor area, you can make reservations for the instructed outdoor classes in the same booking site as the gym slots and remote online classes.

Borrowing equipment

We borrow a limited amount of equipment to our active members, so you can do some home workouts aswell.

Please contact for more questions.

Customer service/Reception

The customer service will be working remotely, mon-fri 8:00-13:00.

You can reach the customer service from if you have any general questions or if anything in this letter is unclear.